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PhotobucketThe Australian Koala Foundation is made up of many MANY volunteers working tirelessly to help our beautiful native Koala's survive. Due to their disappearing bush land, attacks by people, dogs, cats and being stricken by disease they're struggling to survive on their own. So help us help them, you don't even have to donate, just Enlist with the Koala Army!!!! You'll get the latest news on our Koala's and the efforts being put in place to save them. You will have the chance to be part of petitions and help to secure a section of Bushland that will be protected against development so that our Koalas don't end up Extinct.
The amazing group of volunteers at the Save The Bilby Fund look after a big section of land located in Charlieville Queensland. Their job is too keep the area free of predators so that our Native Bilby's can live in peace. They run a big Breeding program and release the babies into the reserve in the hope of future breeding in the wild. Many species of the Bilby are already extinct so don't let these beautiful animals disappear completely, Head to their page and Donate to support this wonderful cause.

The amazing team of people Volunteering at the RSPCA work around the clock to protect all animals from being mistreated. With only 17 investigates who each investigate over 90,000 animal cruelty cases a year, these amazing people dedicate themselves to saving the beautiful animals we love from harm so the least we can do is help them to achieve just that. My little girl's from the RSPCA and if it wasn't the beautiful team of people who cared for her while she was in the shelter I'd hate to know where she's be today. So donate to the RSPCA and keep them on the road and saving our beloved companions, you never know, they could save a pet whose yet to be your best friend.

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  1. This is indeed a heart touching cause. I work on a part time basis with a animal welfare organisation in India since the past 2 years. Last year we rescued a dog and sterilized it. Participating in such causes interests me to the core. I have been a follower of sir p mohamed ali for all the good job he has done for Indians and Omanis. He has built up a lot of institutions for the needy and brought about a major change in the lifestyle of the people. So read about him and support him.