Friday, April 5, 2013

Ballarat Wildlife Park Volunteer

I am so sorry for neglecting you guys, I've had a HUGE couple of weeks. I managed to snatch up one of the very hard to land Volunteer Weeks at the Ballarat Wildlife Park last week. It was absolutely amazing, they were even confident enough to let me work in the reptile house for a day (Volunteers aren't usually allowed to do this) Jack, the Reptile keeper taught me a bunch about all the reptiles and introduced me to his baby alligators and snapping turtles, a few venomous snakes including a rattler and a Mozambique spitting cobra (I didn't get to pat any of these guys of course, just admired from a distance) With the exception of Pablo, Pablo is a 12Kilogram Boa Constrictor, his body was as round as my thigh and I got the privilege of wrapping him around my shoulders for a cuddle, definitely the highlight of my week. The rest of my week I was working with the Mammal keepers Luke, Tarl and Aksyl. All amazing with their animals and taught me a thing or two about the gorgeous creatures that I thought I knew a lot about. Luke at the moment is nursing a Kangaroo Joey named Pebbles, she is like the cutest puppy dog ever, she comes when she's called (most of the time) and follows him around the park as he gets his jobs done. It was amazing to spend the days with the two of them, an adorable little mischief maker she is :) I also got to follow Tarl in with his Koalas and pat a few of the fluffy fur balls. I also had the privilege of re decorating the Devil enclosure (a way bigger job than it sounds like, took a whole day!!) ad relocating a few little Quokka's for breeding season. A wonderful experience indeed and definitely set in stone that is the career for me!!! After my Volunteer week, the park was so impressed with my animal handling skills, knowledge and my hard work that they offered me a permanent Volunteer Position, once a week, every Wednesday. Might not sound like a big deal but that is VERY hard to land, really honored to be part of the team and hopefully one day in the not so distant future, it will lead to a job.
One step Closer to my Dream Job!!!!

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