Friday, February 1, 2013

Joel Hester (The Weld House)

I know I only just did a Designer Spotlight but this man right here blew me away. He is another American BUT he ships WORLDWIDE (score!!!) and he recycles cars, turns them into all sorts, well not cars really, just the hoods. Yes they're rusted and dinged but it's all character. He makes Tables, Bed Frames, Artwork, Chairs, EVERYTHING. I love the colour in these gorgeous pieces, they really bring out the best in the old and rusted world of Upcycling. Well done Joel, you're a true artist. Check out his stuff at The Weld House!!! It will blow you away!!!

“I’ve always designed and built what I would like to have for myself”, explains Joel. “When I give something a thump-test, I want it to be rock solid. I most certainly don’t want anything faux.”  This design criteria goes into every piece that he creates at The Weld House.

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