Saturday, September 15, 2012

Upcycled Mini Bar

As you all know, I adore anything upcycled and recycled, so I thought I would share this Mini Bar with you all today.
Made by ME!! this beautiful 1930's Ice Chest was painted a ghastly dark green and it really did not showcase this old girls beauty, I stripped her down and painted her up 'Modern' I know what some of you are thinking 'why would you do that to an original masterpiece'  well, it had to be done, I feel that these days, these beautiful treasures are being lost because we no longer have a 'need' for them in our homes, so I gave this beautiful wooden structure a new life as a Bar Fridge. I love the three tone shades, I think it really displays they wonderful craftsmen ship and structure of the Ice Chest and now this beautiful little piece can be a vital part of a family once again.
Hope you like it, because I LOVE IT!!


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