Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Modern Vintage School Desk

This is a great idea for little kids, it's really easy, very effective AND you can make it whatever colours you want.

You Will Need

Vintage Desk
1920's Chair
Spray can Chalkboard Paint
Antique White ( or your choice of colour for the part I've painted white )
Spray Can Clear Paint
Pale Green Paint ( or your colour choice for the chair)
Access to a Sand Blaster
Soft Paintbrush

1. Pull out all the old screws and separate the desk, the lid and the frame.
The frame will need to be sent off to the bead blasters to get off all the old paint, while the frame is being done, get out your sander and get to work on the lid, the desk and the chair. Start with a coarse grit sandpaper and work your way down to a finer grain.

2. Once all paint has been removed you can start re painting. Using your Antique White (or your equivalent) and the soft brush put thin layers of paint over the wooden desk, even if it means you must do three coats put it on thin otherwise you will gets run marks and build up on corners. Do the same in your desired colour for the antique chair, remember thin coats!!!

3. While it is all drying you can paint your lid. Hold your lid up straight or rest it against something that you don't mind getting paint on and paint in strokes, making sure it is all even. Don't stress if some bits are a little bit shiny and others are not, even if you don't get it perfect you can use a VERY fine sandpaper at the end to even it all out.

4. Complete painting and let them dry.
When your frame is returned you can finish that yourself. Try not to touch the metal with bare hands as this will leave fingerprints on the bare metal. Using gloves move your frame to an area without any wind. Spray your clear coat over the frame evenly and do not get too close to avoid runs in the paint.
Painting it clear really showcases the age and the manufacturing, back when these desks were made there was no such thing as welding so they used melted brass to stick together the joins.

5.  Once everything is dried (give it about 24 hours) you can screw it all back together and there you have it, a very unique and fun desk for your kids.


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