Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jair Straschnow

Amsterdam-based Israeli designer Jair Straschnow was never really recognized and still is not widely known. This amazing man creates beautiful pieces of flat pack furniture out of bamboo and pipe. The techniques he has created for using these materials is amazing, he has his own way of making things stronger simply by bending the bamboo slightly or interlinking certain structural pieces. His exhibit in London was the first time that people really turned their heads at his pieces. Originally people thought his exhibit was just a storage lot for a stores scrap pieces, but when they looked harder they realized that this 44 year old man had created the most extraordinary flat pack designs that were delicate and graceful, yet sturdy enough to sit on and eat dinner at.
I love the fact that he has used Bamboo, even though the materials are not recycled (that would make him twice as amazing) it still looks very earthy and very creative. 

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