Friday, April 5, 2013

Ballarat Wildlife Park Volunteer

I am so sorry for neglecting you guys, I've had a HUGE couple of weeks. I managed to snatch up one of the very hard to land Volunteer Weeks at the Ballarat Wildlife Park last week. It was absolutely amazing, they were even confident enough to let me work in the reptile house for a day (Volunteers aren't usually allowed to do this) Jack, the Reptile keeper taught me a bunch about all the reptiles and introduced me to his baby alligators and snapping turtles, a few venomous snakes including a rattler and a Mozambique spitting cobra (I didn't get to pat any of these guys of course, just admired from a distance) With the exception of Pablo, Pablo is a 12Kilogram Boa Constrictor, his body was as round as my thigh and I got the privilege of wrapping him around my shoulders for a cuddle, definitely the highlight of my week. The rest of my week I was working with the Mammal keepers Luke, Tarl and Aksyl. All amazing with their animals and taught me a thing or two about the gorgeous creatures that I thought I knew a lot about. Luke at the moment is nursing a Kangaroo Joey named Pebbles, she is like the cutest puppy dog ever, she comes when she's called (most of the time) and follows him around the park as he gets his jobs done. It was amazing to spend the days with the two of them, an adorable little mischief maker she is :) I also got to follow Tarl in with his Koalas and pat a few of the fluffy fur balls. I also had the privilege of re decorating the Devil enclosure (a way bigger job than it sounds like, took a whole day!!) ad relocating a few little Quokka's for breeding season. A wonderful experience indeed and definitely set in stone that is the career for me!!! After my Volunteer week, the park was so impressed with my animal handling skills, knowledge and my hard work that they offered me a permanent Volunteer Position, once a week, every Wednesday. Might not sound like a big deal but that is VERY hard to land, really honored to be part of the team and hopefully one day in the not so distant future, it will lead to a job.
One step Closer to my Dream Job!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Curious Grace

Curious Grace is an Online Store that my mummy stumbled upon today. It's an Australian Store based in Seddon Victoria and their ranges of furniture really are beautiful. Every collection contains sooo many pieces that honestly, you could furnish your entire house from this store, no joke. My favorites would have to be a tie between the Lusine Vintage (duh :p) and Factory. Some very rustic and elegant pieces to be discovered over at Curious Grace so pop in and check it all out. There really is something for everyone.

Paper Chair

This weeks Friday Find is Simon Joyau's Amazingly unique Origami inspired Paper Chair.
I know it doesn't look like the rustic upcycled pieces we usually share here at Live Love Laugh, but these Paper Chairs are made entirely from recycled Plastics!!
The design is absolutely amazing, this beautiful little Origami looking chair, when tipped onto it's front TURNS INTO A ROCKER (Green Rocker Shown in background) a dual purpose, recycled Origami Chair and in Simon Joyau's words
"My chair is a wonderland"
enough said.

Kitchen Appliances

I'm loving the fact that retro is going haywire at the moment. All these little beauties are popping up everywhere and I just can't get enough of them. I came across these little guys while Laptop shopping with the boyfriend in Harvey Norman and thought that they were way too cute not to share with you guys. So for the latest must haves it's VINTAGE KITCHEN APPLIANCES!!!
only tid bit I have for you on these, don't fall into the trap of matching colours, have fun with it, but try not to clash, go for dull tones that mold well together. These little beauties down below are from the De'longhi Vintage Icona Range.

Scrabble Magnets

I know almost EVERYBODY has old scrabble tiles packed away somewhere (I know I have a few). so why not put them to good use. This DIY is super duper easy, all you need is.

Small Strong Magnets
Super Glue
Scrabble Letters (Can even use Keyboard Keys)

1. First up you need to pluck your keys from your keyboard (if using Keyboard Keys)
2. Flip each letter/Key over and place a dab of super glue on the on the back.
3. Now all you gotta do is push on the magnet, let it set and pop em up on your fridge

Adopt Don't Shop

Hahahaha, I saw this and I knew I had to share.
I don't know how many of you are familiar with Mike Wolfe (American Pickers) but I LOVE HIM (and him partner Frank) some of the amazing junk they find is well amazing. I can't believe some of the stuff they pull out of those rubbish filled sheds, definitely would be a career to get into!!

Anyways we love American Pickers over here in Australia (We have a whole night on channel '7mate' dedicated to picking) so when I saw this little poster online I had to share it with you all. And I agree completley!! there are way too many beautiful souls in our animal shelters and every single one of them deserves a second chance, so why not give it too them. Kiah was a pound puppy and it's the best thing I've EVER done!!! When you save a dog, they know and your bond is so much stronger for it, trust me. So please, if your considering getting a new puppy, check your local shelter first and find some rusty gold!!!!

Follow Mike Wolfe here and keep up with their rust dusted picks!!
Even follow his beautiful Heeler Ruby as she recovers from ACL Surgery!!

Little Tree Furniture

I came across this online store Little Tree Furniture whilst putting together some designs this morning. They are a UK based store but their range is beautiful so I reckon it'd be worth paying the shipping!!!
The range that really caught my eyes was the 'upcycled' style of the Reclaimed range. They use all recycled materials and their designs (even though many people are now working with reclaimed timber) look very unique. They stock practically EVERYTHING you would need in a room from Mirrors to Beds, TV Units and Wardrobes. My personal Favorite of their collections would have to be the reclaimed Ashburn (Pictured above) I know it looks a little overwhelming with so much of the wood in one shot BUT one placed in a clean line, neutral room would really make it something to remember.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Upcycled Television

Now I do think I touched on Upcycled suitcase cat/dog beds in a much older 'Suitcases' post, but as soon as I spotted this I knew it deserved a spot on my blog.
This particular cats bed has already been sold on Etsy 
(sorry I wasn't quick enough to get in while it was still for sale for you bloggers)
BUT they are easy to make yourself, if you have an item to make it from. Another very popular one are the very old Mac Desktop Computers. First up you need to get into the guts of the computer/tv, how this is accomplished depends on the design of the item your using. Rid of all the insides, Cables, Lights, Chips, Everything!! then once the insides are cleaned out you should be able to pop the screen out quite easily from the inside. Just remember it is quite big and heavy, so be careful. Then clean it all up, dust and paint if necessary! Reassemble so the access point is now the hole where the screen once sat, then insert a cat/dog bed and a cat/dog into the vintage item.
Then Voila, your own adorable little Vintage Cat/Dog bed!!!!

Queen Anne Single Bed

Hey everyone!!!
Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I would like to, will definitely move you guys up the list of priorities now that my book is almost to the publish and launch stages and my schooling is FINALLY over!!!
So I have this Queen Anne Single Bed sitting around doing nothing in the garage. You know me, Upcycling is everything, but I'm having trouble bringing myself to destroy this Original Wooden Style.
So let me know what you think, should I strip it down, splash on some colour and give it a new life, refurbish it's former glory OR pull it apart and try to craft something other than a Bed from it. (interesting challenge that one is)
Your input would be greatly appreciated, really struggling with the internal debate about this one.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Glasses USA

I know I've been doing A LOT of Online shopping lately, BUT you've got to admit these shops are pretty awesome. This one I've come across is no exception. sell some of the most beautiful glasses I have come across, Original Designs, Stunning Colours AND The prices will blow your mind!!!!

My Own personal Favourite (Above) are the ‘Black Comet Wine’. I absolutely adore them, they’re classy, elegant and super stylish, not to mention the gorgeous colour. And the best part, they’re just $38. I know where I’m going to buy glasses from now on. Why not treat yourself to a new look, glasses can be boring, and when you have to wear them every day, they can get old. With free shipping and a 100% Money Back Guarantee, why not give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to loose.

PLUS as a special deal for all of our devoted readers, Glasses USA is offering a 10% discount on top of their already amazing prices. Just choose your favourite pair or eyeglasses, pop them in the shopping cart and when you go to pay just chuck in the discount code: Blog10. But that’s not it, Jump onto their sales and discounts page and find CRAZY deals on, sunglasses, prescription lenses, shipping, fashions and MORE!

I’m telling you, you won’t believe these prices until you see them for yourself and why not give it a go, buy your next pair of eyeglasses online, with the flexibility of online shopping and the amazing deals, what could go wrong? You’re not standing in a store for hours, overwhelmed by the giant wall of glasses standing before you. You're not waiting for customer service or gritting your teeth trying to find a bargain. Buy yourself some season inspired pieces, chop and change as the weather does! With these prices, you can afford to.

Anyway, I can ramble on all I want, Jump across to their website and find out for yourself, their glasses are stunning, their deals amazing, but the only person who can convince you of that, is you.

Friday, February 22, 2013


This amazing artist designs and sells some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen.

Using only pencils and inspired by the Sea Urchin she can create wonders, Jewelry, Lamps, Desk accessories and sculptures. Now I never imagined that so much could be done with pencils. I'd been amazed by Sophie Vines Pencil Necklaces and Jewelry but Jennifer takes it all to a whole new level.
Her Custom Coloured Pencil Urchins are for sale at her Etsy store, and keep a look out for those amazing sculptures, they're bound to pop up every now and then.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr Tedi Bears

Now these are absolutely adorable, they are called Mrs Jermyn's Mr Tedi Bears and they're made entirely from button up shirts. They all have their adorable little names, (even the stencil tedi is named Mr Special) again another gorgeous gem found on Inhabitat, amazing site honestly check it out, some of the coolest thing I have seen have been sourced from their archives. Even the artist below was found while browsing through their site.
So duck over and check out these adorable tedi's my personal favorite is Mr Morten. 
Whose yours??

Friday, February 1, 2013

Joel Hester (The Weld House)

I know I only just did a Designer Spotlight but this man right here blew me away. He is another American BUT he ships WORLDWIDE (score!!!) and he recycles cars, turns them into all sorts, well not cars really, just the hoods. Yes they're rusted and dinged but it's all character. He makes Tables, Bed Frames, Artwork, Chairs, EVERYTHING. I love the colour in these gorgeous pieces, they really bring out the best in the old and rusted world of Upcycling. Well done Joel, you're a true artist. Check out his stuff at The Weld House!!! It will blow you away!!!

“I’ve always designed and built what I would like to have for myself”, explains Joel. “When I give something a thump-test, I want it to be rock solid. I most certainly don’t want anything faux.”  This design criteria goes into every piece that he creates at The Weld House.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miina Akkijyrkka

These gorgeous structures are made from Upcycled CARS!! Yes cars.
May as well put those beat up old frames to a good use and Miina Akkijyrkka of Finland has done just that. I don't know about you but I love the fact that it still resembles a car, honoring the original materials as much as it can. Beautiful peace of artwork in my opinion, it's rusty, colourful, quirky and something that if you drove by I'm sure EVERYONE would stop to get some snap shots!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Apologies

My Apologies to all my readers, Yes I know I've been a bit slack and there's no excuse for deserting you guys but I promise to try and do better. I'm currently publishing my first novel, (nothing at all to do with interior design) it's an action, adventure, drama, Aussie outback book lol and I will upload the link to the preview as soon as it is ready. My puppy dog Kiah has been in the Animal Hospital, she tore her cruciate ligament in her knee and has had to have a reconstruction, poor babies still recovering 6 weeks later, but you can imagine how hard it is to keep a Blue Heeler still. My Interior Design course has FINALLY come to an end and I will not be pursuing it as a career, too theory based for me, I need to be out there doing things and my life's dream has always been to help our Australian Wildlife. My plan was Interior Design as a job Wildlife Foster caring as a hobby, but I've switched it around and am now an aspiring Park Ranger. Christmas has been and gone, and yes I missed out on sharing some of the awesome Christmas DIY's of this year, but it'll be around soon enough this year. New years ever and Australia Day have also been and gone so now it's back to business, to get this block up and running and showing everyone what amazing things you can do with a bit of junk.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Stampede Melbourne 2012

Today my lovely boyfriend and I ran in The Stampede, best experience ever, the mud is gross and smelly, and the water is ice cold, you run across fire, climb sheer wooden walls, slide down sliper slides into mud, crawl through tunnels, get attacked by fire hoses, walk through a container filled with ice and run a 20m dash filled with live wires putting out 10,000 volts. WHAT A DAY!
But we made it and we had a blast while we did so, it was very challenging although not as difficult as I expected and it was an amazing environment, everyone helped everyone and people were just there to have a bit of fun, everybody was very supportive and was prepared to lend a hand when needed, it was a blast! I will definitely be going back next year!